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Why Greece Said No

6 Jul , 2015  

Yesterday, Greek citizens voted to reject the proposed EU bailout. Many people are feeling astonished by the decision. How could they do such a thing? This is simply inconceivable! From a marketing perspective, however, the outcome isn’t a surprise. Greek voters had a choice: they could vote to accept the offer on the table or […]

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Houlihan’s Recovers from a Brand Stumble

3 Jun , 2015  

Every brand stumbles on occasion: an employee makes an inappropriate comment, service falls short of expectations, or a fly lands in the soup. These things happen. In today’s connected world, a small stumble can quickly become a big problem. People often share unpleasant incidents on social media, and if the story resonates, it can create lasting and significant damage. This means that brands have to move quickly to deal with […]

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U.S. Airlines Fight Back

23 Apr , 2015  

The big three U.S. carriers are fighting back. The aviation giants are appealing to the U.S. government, claiming that Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are competing unfairly. They hope the government will limit the new carriers’ access to the U.S. market. The strategy makes perfect sense. Delta, United and American have to defend. The Mid-East carriers […]

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March Madness Advertising

7 Apr , 2015  

Last night Duke and Wisconsin battled it out for the NCAA championship. It was a terrific game. The advertising wasn’t as impressive. Some advertisers ran the same spot over and over. Other brands got so caught up in the basketball that they lost track of their basic task: selling some product. Here is my assessment […]

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Apple Watch and Pay: Searching for the Benefit

13 Mar , 2015  

Apple is rolling out two big innovations this year: Apple Watch and Apple Pay. These new products will be important growth drivers. Of course, that assumes they will be successful. Most people think the both products will do well. After Apple’s press conference this week, business and technology writers celebrated the watch. People are excited […]

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Cadillac’s Curious Start

5 Mar , 2015  

GM is trying to rebuild Cadillac, again. While the brand has a long history, it is struggling today as it deals with tough competition in premium autos. It now ranks #4 in the luxury segment, far behind BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. More important, the associations around Cadillac aren’t positive. Many people think of the brand […]

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Five Brands to Watch in 2015

1 Jan , 2015  

This will be a challenging year for many brands. Competition is intense, growth can be hard to find and the growth of digital communication is shifting the marketing landscape. Here are five notable brands to watch in the year ahead. Lufthansa Lufthansa is one of the world’s great airlines. It is also under attack. Lufthansa […]

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Wallenda, Chicago and Branding

7 Nov , 2014  

Chicago built its brand this week by hosting Nik Wallenda’s high-wire walk across the city. The event attracted attention around the world. It was a terrific moment for Chicago; the event highlighted Chicago’s remarkable urban center. While people were watching Wallenda they were also watching Chicago. This is how great brands are built in the […]

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Rebranding India

8 Oct , 2014  

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently wrapped up a triumphant visit to the United States He joined Barack Obama for dinner at the While House. More than 18,000 people filled Madison Square Garden to see him speak. He appeared with Jay Z, Beyonce and No Doubt at the Global Citizen Festival. Top executives form PepsiCo, […]

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The NFL Stumbles

22 Sep , 2014  

The NFL is dealing with a significant brand crisis. How is the league doing at managing it? To evaluate the situation, I turned to Daniel Diermeier, dean of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago and until recently a colleague of mine at the Kellogg School of Management. Daniel studies how companies […]