Super Bowl

2023 Super Bowl Advertising

13 Feb 2023  

The cost of a Super Bowl spot keeps increasing—with prices this year in the neighborhood of $7million for 30-seconds! With ever-increasing stakes, Super Bowl advertisers are investing more time and attention on the ads. The 2023 Super Bowl featured upbeat, safe advertising. The number of celebrities seemed to hit a new high, with many advertisers […]

Super Bowl

Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Price?

10 Feb 2023  

The Kellogg Super Bowl Ad Review is just a few days away. Once again, a panel of Kellogg MBA students will evaluate all the spots to determine which ones worked and which ones didn’t. I do a host of talks and interviews before and after the Super Bowl. The question I get most often: Is […]

Super Bowl

A Debatable Move from M&Ms

6 Feb 2023  

It is Super Bowl ad season, a time when marketers work to create excitement and interest heading into the big game. One of the brands that has received a lot of attention this year is M&Ms. The brand is apparently in the middle of an elaborate stunt designed to create interest and excitement. It is […]

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ad Review 2022 Results

16 Feb 2022  

The 2022 Super Bowl was one of the most watched television programs ever in the United States with estimated audience of over 100 million viewers. The football was exciting, and the advertising was just as engaging. For the 18th year, a panel of Kellogg MBA students evaluated all the ads to identify which ones took […]

Super Bowl

The Kellogg Super Bowl Ad Review Returns

9 Feb 2022  

The Super Bowl is just days away, and once again a panel of Kellogg students will be evaluating all the spots in the Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review. This is the 18th year of the event. I’ll be teaming up with my colleague Professor Derek Rucker again this year. The Start We started this event in […]

Super Bowl

The Biggest Super Bowl Ever

26 Jan 2022  

We are two and a half weeks from the Super Bowl, so it is time to focus on the big event. The Super Bowl is without question the #1 advertising platform in the United States. One could make the case that it is the most important marketing event in the world. The game is important for […]

Super Bowl

Why Super Bowl Spots Are Selling Quickly

14 Sep 2021  

NBC last week announced that advertising space on the 2021 Super Bowl was close to sold-out, with just a few spots remaining. Prices are up dramatically this year, with a thirty-second spot going for $6.5 million. This is an enormous change from last year, when CBS had to scramble to unload advertising time, and the […]

Super Bowl

The Kellogg Super Bowl Ad Review: 2021 Results

8 Feb 2021  

The 2021 Super Bowl was notable for some great football but, for advertisers, the more interesting challenge was the complex environment – a struggling economy, a raging pandemic, political conflict. Many of the core Super Bowl advertisers took a pass this year: Coke, Pepsi, Audi, Hyundai and others. One reason was likely the creative challenge; […]

Super Bowl

A Pandemic Super Bowl

4 Feb 2021  

We are days away from the Super Bowl, the biggest marketing event in the world. It will be a very different game this year, with few big parties, not many people in the stands and no vast fleet of corporate jets winging in with big spending executives. The advertising will also be different. Watch for […]

Super Bowl

Results from the 2020 Kellogg Super Bowl Ad Review

5 Feb 2020  

Super Bowl LIV featured some terrific football and some equally good advertising. There were some fierce competitive battles on the field and on the television. With a price of up to $5.6 million for each thirty seconds, advertisers invested in some remarkable creative. Overall, the quality of the advertising was high, and only a few […]

Super Bowl

Olay’s Debatable Super Bowl Pivot

28 Jan 2020  

One of the interesting brands to watch on this year’s sold-out Super Bowl is Olay, the global skin care brand owned by P&G. Olay advertised on the Super Bowl in 2019 but is taking a very different approach in 2020. It is not clear how well it will work. Olay 2019 Last year Olay ran […]