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Learning from the Chaos at Twitter

22 Nov 2022  

Twitter is in complete disarray. Elon Musk, since purchasing the company for $44 billion, has made a series of moves ranging from strange to bizarre. Will all this work out for Twitter and Elon? Perhaps. Twitter had been a somewhat stagnant brand for many years. Today, it is anything but. The company is making big […]

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A Stunning Spot from Ron DeSantis

11 Nov 2022  

The midterm elections are behind us, and the expected red wave fizzled out as voters punished the Republicans for limiting a woman’s right to choose. Conservatives hoping to get elected in many parts of the country need to figure out how to communicate a reasonable approach on that issue. The focus now shifts to the […]

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The Joy of Inflation

28 Oct 2022  

Happy Friday! Inflation is dominating the news these days. The Federal Reserve is boosting interest rates and reducing liquidity in an effort to slow the increase. Inflation is quickly becoming a dominant theme in the upcoming election, with Democrats being accused of sparking the rise with too much government stimulus. There is no question that […]

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Tyson’s Bad Move

13 Oct 2022  

It is always interesting when a company does something that just doesn’t make sense. Tyson’s announcement that it was closing its Chicago office is one of those decisions. The Announcement Last Wednesday, Tyson put out a press release announcing that it was closing its Chicago office and moving the positions to its global headquarters in […]

Career Advice

Investing in a Tumultous World

30 Sep 2022  

The financial world is falling apart. Stocks are slumping, bonds – the “safe investment” – are doing almost as poorly. Bitcoin is down. Even gold, which should definitely be rising at a time of war and disruption, isn’t doing a lot. I was particularly struck by this chart from Bloomberg. Interest rates in the UK […]

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Branding Lessons from Queen Elizabeth

16 Sep 2022  

The world this week is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth. People are piling flowers at Buckingham Palace and lining up for miles to view the casket. There is much to be learned from the queen’s long and eventful reign. I will leave it to others to address questions of politics and the monarchy. Instead, […]

Career Advice

Advice for New MBAs: Build Your Personal Brand

1 Sep 2022  

This week I had the opportunity to speak to the incoming class of Kellogg MBAs about personal branding. It was a fun event; there is nothing like seeing 600+ young people embarking on a new life adventure. I highlighted three things in my talk. Your Personal Brand Matters Brands are the associations linked to a […]

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The Hearing Aid Branding Battle

18 Aug 2022  

Hearing aids are in the news this week, as the FDA announced new rules allowing people to buy some of the devices over the counter. Previously you needed a prescription. This simple rule change will transform the industry. Hearing Aid Branding Here is a simple quiz about hearing aid brands. 1. How many brands of […]

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Marketing Lessons from a Market Pig Auction

3 Aug 2022  

Last weekend my daughter Anna and I headed up to the Racine County Fair. We enjoyed seeing all the animals and exhibitions, including the first placed pies and tomatoes. The highlight was the 4-H livestock auction; we watched the end of the steer auction and most of the market pigs. I was once again impressed by […]

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Interlochen’s Debatable Decision

20 Jul 2022  

There are a lot of big issues in the world. There is a war in Ukraine. Global warming is changing our environment in profoundly negative ways. The U.S. is battling inflation and fractured over abortion. It is exhausting. So, this week, I’d like to focus on a very small issue: the tradition of not clapping […]

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Airbnb’s Incentives Problem

13 Jul 2022  

Airbnb’s stock is way down this year. Back in November, the stock was trading over $205. Today it is less than $95. So, should you invest? The price is down much more than the stock market overall, so perhaps this is the moment. While Airbnb is a remarkable brand, it is facing some complex incentive […]

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Rebranding the Abortion Debate

30 Jun 2022  

The big news this month, of course, has been the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade. This is the first of two articles I’ll be writing about the ruling. This week’s theme: both supporters and opponents need words. We need to rebrand the abortion debate. Brand Choice vs. Brand Life It used to be […]