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The NFL Stumbles

22 Sep , 2014  

image nfl

The NFL is dealing with a significant brand crisis. How is the league doing at managing it? To evaluate the situation, I turned to Daniel Diermeier, dean of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago and until recently a colleague of mine at the Kellogg School of Management. Daniel studies how companies […]

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Apple’s Competitive Challenge

15 Sep , 2014   Video

Apple’s Competitive Challenge

Last week Apple rolled out a trio of new product platforms: iPhones with larger screens, a watch and a payment system. The new phones are not dramatic innovations; they build on existing technology and will help Apple keep pace with competitive offerings. The watch and payment systems are bigger innovations. They are both trying to change the rules. […]

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Debating the CVS Tobacco Decision

8 Sep , 2014  


CVS was in the news last week for its decision to drop all tobacco products and rebrand itself CVS Health. The company actually announced the tobacco move earlier this year. Last week it celebrated that it was officially tobacco free. The company is making a big deal of the tobacco decision, rolling out a fully integrated […]

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Rebranding the Tata Nano

28 Aug , 2014  

Tata Nano

The Times of India reported this month that Tata will soon phase out the Nano and relaunch the vehicle as the Tata Smart City Car. The move makes a lot of sense. The Nano was a bold new product. Tata launched the car in 2009 in India and positioned it for lower-income families. It was, and remains, the […]

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Irrational Optimism and CMOs

18 Aug , 2014  


The Chief Marketing Officer Council is out today with the results of its annual survey of marketing leaders. I was struck by two figures: – 81% of marketing leaders believe that share growth is likely and attainable this year. – 10% of CMOs are worried about their jobs. These figures suggest that marketing executives are an […]

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P&G’s Risky Brand Strategy

1 Aug , 2014  

P&G Portfolio

P&G announced this week that it was dramatically shrinking its brand portfolio. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the company will drop almost 100 brands, focusing on just its top 70 to 80. This is a huge strategic move for the company and a significant change. It is also very risky. On […]

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Will Malaysia Airlines Survive?

21 Jul , 2014  

Malaysia Airlines

The Malaysia Airlines crash was a terrible disaster. Rescue teams are sifting through the wreckage today as families grieve. I suspect the Malaysia Airlines brand won’t survive this latest tragedy. The company is facing two significant problems: financials and branding. The financial issues are substantial. Even before the two disasters, Malaysia Airlines was struggling. The growth of […]

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The Power of Brand Partnerships: EBay, Sotheby’s, Pizza Hut and Hershey’s

14 Jul , 2014  

Four big brands are in the news today with new partnerships. EBay is teaming up with Sotheby’s to sell art online. The two companies will sell eighteen different types of items with internet bidding. Pizza Hut is working with Hershey’s to build its dessert business. The pizza giant announced today that it will start selling the […]

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Branding Lessons from the World Cup Bite

30 Jun , 2014  

There has been a lot of drama, excitement and controversy in Brazil over the past few weeks. Unfortunately for FIFA, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has gotten a good part of the attention. In Uruguay’s match with Italy, Suarez leaned over and bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder. It was a remarkable move. It was […]

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Financial Advice for Graduates

20 Jun , 2014  

Today is Kellogg’s commencement ceremony. Hundreds of students will shortly walk across the stage and receive their degrees. I’m here at Ryan Field in Evanston getting ready to march in with the faculty. The graduates will then celebrate. And in the coming weeks they will begin their careers as business leaders. It is a time […]