Brands in the News

Jimmy Buffett: Entertainer and Brand Builder

8 Sep 2023  

A couple years back I was walking around my neighborhood in Chicago and noticed a group of people wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying stuffed parrots. It was an unusual sight. A block further along, I came across a similar group. And then another group. It was a bizarre situation; in my part of Chicago, you […]

Brands in the News

Rolex’s Big Move and Controlling the Brand Experience

25 Aug 2023  

Rolex is in the news today; the brand is buying Bucherer, one of the most important watch retailers in the world. This is a dramatic move which will have implications for Rolex and the broader watch industry. It also reflects an important trend in the world of branding. Rolex Across the globe, Rolex is one […]

Career Advice

Back to the Office

9 Aug 2023  

This week has brought three interesting stories, all with a common theme. The takeaway: it is time to get back to the office. The Stories The first big story is that Taylor Swift is wrapping up the first leg of her Eras Tour. It has been a stunning entertainment spectacle. Her performances have brought joy, […]

Brands in the News

The Twitter Branding Debacle

25 Jul 2023  

It has been a remarkable week in the world of branding, as Twitter rolls out one of the strangest rebranding efforts that I have ever seen. I suspect it will go down in history as an example of poor strategic brand management. The Announcement On Sunday, Elon Musk announced that the Twitter brand was going […]

Brands in the News

Bud Light and Northwestern

11 Jul 2023  

The main reason to study marketing efforts is to learn. If we can understand what is happening, we can identify things that seem to work and capitalize on those. We can also see mistakes and try to avoid making the same ones again. All of this brings us to two brands in the news: Bud […]

Presenting and Teaching

Making Sense of Course Feedback

30 Jun 2023  

One of the most unpleasant parts of teaching is reviewing the course feedback. Most instructors try to create a great class; I certainly do. So, reviewing the student evaluations is a stressful moment. Even when most of the comments are positive, the feedback from disappointed students can be painful. The Importance of Feedback Teaching is […]

Career Advice

Financial Advice for Graduates – 2023

13 Jun 2023  

It is commencement week at Kellogg. Yesterday, I processed into the commencement ceremony with my faculty colleagues and watched the graduates receive their degrees. It was a terrific event. Seeing young, talented people embark on a new phase of life with energy and excitement is inspirational. Each year I offer graduates some financial advice. I’m […]

Career Advice

The Key to Career Success: Learn to Present Well

7 Jun 2023  

It is a time of new beginnings in the business world. College and MBA students are graduating and getting ready to start new jobs. Interns are trying to figure out where to show up and what to wear in the office. Even people who have been working for several years are finding new opportunities. Here […]

Brands in the News

Things Are Not Going Well at Tyson

17 May 2023  

I write about different companies in my blog and newsletter, and it is always interesting to watch how things develop. This week is a good time to check in on Tyson. Tyson’s Big Move In early October, Tyson announced that it was closing its Chicago office and consolidating operations in Springdale, Arkansas. This was a […]

Brands in the News

Branding Advice for Fifty Fifty

5 May 2023  

If you spend time on Tik Tok, you’ve probably heard the new song Cupid from K-Pop group Fifty Fifty. The new group is rocketing, climbing the charts and becoming a global brand in a stunningly short amount of time. With success comes challenges, so here is some branding advice for the group. The Fifty Fifty […]

Brands in the News

Brands in the News: Bud Light and Max

19 Apr 2023  

Two brands are getting a lot of attention this week: Bud Light and HBO Max. Here is my take on what’s happening. Bud Light You’ve probably read about the Bud Light situation. The brand sent custom cans to Dylan Mulvaney an outspoken trans influencer. This resulted in backlash from Kid Rock, Travis Tritt and others. […]

Brands in the News

A Ski Crash and Some Savvy Branding

4 Apr 2023  

There were big legal stories last week featuring two celebrities: Donald Trump and Gwyneth Paltrow. Both stories are a curious mix of legal issues and branding. Today I am going to focus on the Paltrow trial and highlight why it was such a branding triumph. Gwyneth Paltrow walks away from the case the victor with a […]