Brands in the News

Interlochen’s Debatable Decision

20 Jul 2022  

There are a lot of big issues in the world. There is a war in Ukraine. Global warming is changing our environment in profoundly negative ways. The U.S. is battling inflation and fractured over abortion. It is exhausting. So, this week, I’d like to focus on a very small issue: the tradition of not clapping […]

Brands in the News

Airbnb’s Incentives Problem

13 Jul 2022  

Airbnb’s stock is way down this year. Back in November, the stock was trading over $205. Today it is less than $95. So, should you invest? The price is down much more than the stock market overall, so perhaps this is the moment. While Airbnb is a remarkable brand, it is facing some complex incentive […]

Brands in the News

Rebranding the Abortion Debate

30 Jun 2022  

The big news this month, of course, has been the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe vs. Wade. This is the first of two articles I’ll be writing about the ruling. This week’s theme: both supporters and opponents need words. We need to rebrand the abortion debate. Brand Choice vs. Brand Life It used to be […]

Brands in the News

Advice for Graduates

13 Jun 2022  

Today is Commencement Day at Kellogg! This is one of the best days of the year on campus. Graduates are taking pictures, visiting the Global Hub with family, and getting ready to walk across the stage. Marking these moments in life is important. This is a particularly happy milestone, full of hopes and anticipation. It […]

Brands in the News

Fixing Peloton

2 Jun 2022  

Things are not going well for Peloton, one of my 2022 Brands to Watch. The stock is trading at about $13 a share, a remarkable fall from its peak of over $160. The company lost a staggering $757 million in the latest quarter. Perhaps more concerning, the company has a vast amount of inventory and […]

Brands in the News

United’s Lovable New Campaign

18 May 2022  

The world is full of mediocre advertising. There are commercials that simply deliver a product message, and many of these are perfectly fine. There are spots that promise a happy family and life, and these can work ok. Most advertising just does what it is supposed to do: slightly increase purchase interest. On occasion, however, […]

Brands in the News

Student Loans and Good Decisions

28 Apr 2022  

Last week I moderated a panel discussion at Kellogg on personal finance with three successful Kellogg alumni. It was a great session; the panelists shared their learnings about saving, spending, working with a partner and making career shifts. For me, the most surprising part of the discussion was about student loans. All three panelists had […]

Brands in the News

Evaluating the 2021 Annual Reports

14 Apr 2022  

It is annual report season. If you own individual stocks, this is the time of year when annual reports and proxy statements arrive in your mailbox. I like to dabble in stocks and I’ve been reviewing this year’s mailings. It is amazing how some companies invest in their annual report and mail out a well considered update on […]

Brands in the News

A Branding Disaster at the Oscars

28 Mar 2022  

A disaster. That is perhaps the one word we can use to sum up the Academy Awards this year, an event most notable for Will Smith attacking Chris Rock. The Branding Impact The Oscars were a disaster for Will Smith. At his time of great success, the moment when he should be celebrating and enjoying congratulations, […]

Brands in the News

The Transformation of Brand Russia

16 Mar 2022  

Brands are the associations linked to a name or symbol, and these connections are usually created over time. At first the Nike swoosh was just a swoosh, but today it has enormous meaning. Once created, brands are difficult to change. Brand repositioning, shifting the meaning of a name, is one of the great marketing challenges. All […]

Career Advice

Building a Strong Personal Brand

2 Mar 2022  

This week I’m giving a talk to Kellogg MBA students about building a strong personal brand during their summer internship. I’m looking forward to the session. Here are some of my main points. Personal Branding A lot of things need to come together to have a successful run at a company. You must have supportive […]

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ad Review 2022 Results

16 Feb 2022  

The 2022 Super Bowl was one of the most watched television programs ever in the United States with estimated audience of over 100 million viewers. The football was exciting, and the advertising was just as engaging. For the 18th year, a panel of Kellogg MBA students evaluated all the ads to identify which ones took […]