My New Book – How to Wash a Chicken

16 Aug , 2018  

I’m happy to announce that my new book on presenting comes out on September 25. The book is titled, How to Wash a Chicken – Mastering the Business Presentation. The book is a practical, entertaining guide to crafting and delivering powerful business presentations. This includes business updates, recommendations and analyses. You can buy a copy here.

About the Book

In the book I go through the entire process, from considering whether a presentation is even necessary, to understanding your audience, to finding the story, creating strong pages, pre-selling and delivering with confidence. The book is full of tips, ideas and suggestions.

The book is for anyone trying to become more influential within their organization. This includes young people starting off on their career. It is important to get off to a good start, and creating compelling recommendations is one way to build your personal brand. It also includes people who have been developing presentations for many years, but don’t consistently walk away feeling like they nailed the analysis.

A senior business leader might find the book useful, too. When I was at Kraft Foods, one of the things I found most difficult was reviewing ineffective presentations. It was hard to focus on the decision or business issue at hand because the presentation itself was so plodding, complicated and dull. A senior executive could use this book to help their team think and present with more clarity.

Two Beliefs

The book is based on two strong beliefs. First, everyone can create a strong presentation. Delivering a solid business recommendation doesn’t require unique creative skills. The basics are simple and easy to implement. If you spend the time, develop a great presentation, prepare for the meeting and pre-sell, your presentation will go well, even if you get nervous and say “um” too much.

Second, everyone can become better. There is no perfect presentation; every recommendation can be a bit tighter, every meeting can run more smoothly. Even the best leaders can improve over time, and might find the book useful.


You can pre-order the book at all the usual spots: Amazon, B&N, etc. I hope you track down a copy and find it useful for you and your team.

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