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Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Problem

27 Jan 2015  

GoDaddy just released its Super Bowl spot featuring Buddy the very cute puppy.

There is just one problem. People seem to hate it.

A few early comments from You Tube:

“If you don’t remove this video I will cancel all my websites and business and go elsewhere.”

“How dare you depict breeders who love and care for their puppies in this way. Disgusted.”

“Horrible commercial…not even remotely funny and it’s pointless.”

“OH MY LORD. GoDaddy needs help knowing right from WRONG…. This is sooooo very WRONG….”

“This is one of the most irresponsible commercials I have ever seen.”

“This is appalling. As a breeder I cannot and will not support a company that has so little concern for animals.”


GoDaddy has a long history of Super Bowl controversy but mistreating animals is different from showing people in revealing attire.

Given the response, I suspect the team at GoDaddy has some thinking to do. The Super Bowl is still a few days away.

Stick with the spot? Or revise the ending?

Perhaps this is an intentional (or inadvertent) way to generate some discussion and emerge the hero. I hope so.

4 Responses

  1. Kay Dennis says:

    Your Super Bowl ad is the most horrific and disrespectiful ad I have ever seen toward puppies/animals. You should apologize and take it down!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine anyone involved in the making of this ad thinking it was a good idea. SHAME on you. What a horribly negative impression it renders on your company.

  2. Saw it here… Only choice they have is to change the ending. Just poorly executed from scriptwriting POV. Ugly nihilist humor? Is this GoDaddy’s persona?

  3. I link to the GoDaddy spot would be grand… love, love, LOVE your insights!

  4. bobkillian says:

    They’re basically an evil organization, so this accurately reflects their crude amorality.

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