Losing a Brand Builder

6 Oct , 2011  

Yesterday we lost one of the great brand builders of our time. Steve Jobs was a master in terms of design and technology. He was also an exceptionally gifted brand manager.

Jobs did four things incredibly well in terms of branding.

Perhaps most importantly, he believed that branding and marketing mattered. Under his leadership Apple consistently invested in advertising and this focus never wavered.

Jobs focused on the long-term. Apple didn’t do a lot of short-term price promotions, launch a ton of mediocre new products, or cut back on brand building when times were tough. The focus was always on building a brand that would endure.

Jobs also paid attention to details. He cared how things looked and felt, and worked hard to make sure that everything about Apple supported the brand. This focus on execution mattered.

Finally, Jobs believed in great creative, running a series of powerful campaigns over the years, including one of my favorite advertising campaigns of all time.


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