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Pure Michigan

16 Oct 2009  

Now here is a real marketing challenge: sell Michigan as a vacation destination.  Yes, Michigan, the land of failing auto companies, the bumbling Lions and desolate Detroit.  It isn’t the sort of place that stirs the soul.  I suspect both Hammond and Newark both fall higher up the list of places to visit for most people.

All this helps explain why Michigan’s advertising campaign is so remarkable. The Pure Michigan advertising makes the state seem like an incredibly special place to visit, well worth a trip.  Here is the text of the latest spot:

As life starts moving faster and faster we need to make a choice: to move faster with it, or to step off every now and then.

To marvel at the wonders around us, to take in new sights and sounds and remember just how beautiful life can be.

This fall let’s take in a deep breath of pure Michigan.

Set to a bit of epic music and beautiful scenery, the result is impressive indeed.  You can watch it by clicking on this link:


The latest spot touches some very high order benefits: the need to slow down, the need to relax.  The pitch is credible and motivating.

It is enough to make me forget about Detroit’s woes and head off for a bit of Pure Michigan.

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  1. Jerry says:

    I will admit that it does make me ponder a trip to Michigan but for me personally, it just doesn’t pass my filter. If I’m watching a show and am just nonchalantly staying put for the commercials, this ad won’t suddenly jump out at me as something new and unexpected. It really takes the structure of another travel ad for me.

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