First Half, 2017

Marketing Strategy Course, Kellogg School of Management MBA Program (Evanston, Illinois)

January – March, 2017

April – June, 2017


Biomedical Marketing Course, Kellogg School of Management MBA Program (Evanston, Illinois)

April – June, 2017


Kellogg on Branding Program, Kellogg School of Management Executive Education Program (Evanston, Illinois)

May, 2017

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Super Bowl Preview

University of Chicago Roundtable, January 25, 2017


Business Book Author Series: Review of Super Bowl Advertising

Oakton Community College, January 31, 2017

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Super Bowl Advertising Pre-Game Analysis

Kellogg Business School Cub of New York, February 1, 2017


Super Bowl Advertising Highlights

Harvard Business School Club of Chicago, February 8, 2017


Super Bowl Advertising Review

Kellogg Business School Club of Chicago, February 8, 2017


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  • Alex Butterman { For next year's competition, you should tackle the issue of getting Dominican Republicans to use seatbelts. From what I am hearing in the media, that... } – Notes from the Kellogg Healthcare Case Competition
  • Ted Morris { Interesting to see if these brands play out vis-a-vis the PIMS principles through to the end of 2017 } – Six Brands to Watch in 2017
  • timcalkins { This will indeed be interesting to watch. The presidency brings with all sorts of branding cues, which makes it very powerful. Brand Trump + Brand... } – 2017’s Brand to Watch: Donald Trump
  • Jill Carr { Hi Professor Calkins, What about the "brand" of the President of the United States? I feel as if there is also a brand image associated... } – 2017’s Brand to Watch: Donald Trump
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