Kellogg Executive Education Program

Strategies That Build Winning Brands, Kellogg On-Line Executive Education Program

Multiple Sessions in 2020 and 2021

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Kellogg on Branding Program, Kellogg Executive Education Program

October 5-23, 2020 – New On-Line Format!

April 25-30, 2021

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Kellogg MBA Courses

Marketing Strategy Course (Evanston, Illinois)

September – December, 2020

March – June, 2021


Biomedical Marketing Course (Evanston, Illinois)

TBD, 2021


Marketing Strategy Course, Kellogg – WHU Executive MBA Program (Koblenz, Germany)

August, 2020

January, 2021


Strategic Marketing Decisions Course, Kellogg Executive MBA Program (Miami, Florida)

March, 2021



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  • Emita Hill { Sobering but all accurate. Happy Thanksgiving, Tim. }
  • Mark Goldman { Disagree wholeheartedly. National unity and bringing back civility to our country is most certainly a benefit -- and a strong one. Trump's pitch on law... }
  • Lisa { Tom Elmer you clearly need to put glasses on. The Democrat Governors were hired to keep citizens safe. President Trump handles federal. The Governors failed... }
  • Paulo Machado { Very good, Tim. You have been of great help and inspiration for me. Regards from Brazil. }
  • emitahill { Sounds like a great job. Your students are lucky to have you. }
  • Bhavish { Hi Professor, Great analysis. I have always thought that attack ads are not enough. It is very important for voters to see why Biden is... }
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