September 7, 2018: Corporate program in Singapore

September 25, 2018: New Book Launch! How to Wash a Chicken: Mastering the Business Presentation

October 10, 2018: Presentation to Kellogg Alumni Club of Seattle

November 5, 2018: Presentation to Kellogg Alumni Club of Chicago

November 7, 2018: Presentation to Kellogg Alumni Club of San Francisco

November 13, 2018: Book Stall Talks Business Event, Winnetka, Illinois

December 5, 2018: Presentation to Kellogg Alumni Club of Dallas

December 10-11, 2018: Corporate program in Dubai

January 26, 2019: Kellogg Biotech and Healthcare Case Competition

February 3, 2019: Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review



Marketing Strategy Course, Kellogg School of Management MBA Program (Evanston, Illinois)

September – December, 2018


Marketing Strategy Course, Kellogg – WHU Executive MBA Program (Koblenz, Germany)

October, 2018


Biomedical Marketing Course, Kellogg School of Management MBA Program (Chicago, Illinois)

January – March, 2019


Kellogg on Branding Program, Kellogg School of Management Executive Education Program (Evanston, Illinois)

September 30 to October 5, 2018

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