Brands in the News

Apple’s Big Expectations

30 May , 2012  

According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple will soon be launching some amazing new products. Yesterday at the D: All Things Digital conference Cook said, “The juices are flowing. We have some incredible things coming out.” Cook is clearly raising expectations for the new products. You don’t use the words amazing and incredible lightly. Is this a […]

Super Bowl Ads

GM’s Odd Super Bowl Decision

24 May , 2012  

General Motors announced last week that it will not buy any spots for the 2013 Super Bowl. This is a fairly surprising decision because this year  General Motors made a huge investment in the Super Bowl; GM ran four spots, including three for Chevrolet and one for Cadillac. The company also spent an enormous amount […]

Defending Your Brand

Good News for the Coffee Industry

18 May , 2012  

We got a lot of rather tough news this week, from more financial issues in Europe to slumping sales at J.C. Penney. But it was a good week for the coffee industry: the New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that coffee consumption had a positive impact on mortality.  And the more you coffee […]

Defending Your Brand

J.C. Penney’s Predictable Stumble

15 May , 2012  

Retail giant J.C. Penney reported some fairly grim results today. Fiscal first-quarter sales fell a remarkable 20%, the company lost $163 million and it suspended its dividend. The news apparently caught many investors by surprise; the stock dropped more than 10%. But if you’ve been following J.C. Penney the results are quite predictable. There is nothing […]

Brands in the News

Lipitor, Pfizer and Pharma’s Branding Problem

11 May , 2012  

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Pfizer is giving up on Lipitor, dramatically cutting back on marketing support. This isn’t surprising. Lipitor, Pfizer’s multi-billion dollar cholesterol lowering medication, lost patent protection at the end of 2011. A number of generic medications will soon enter the market, so Lipitor won’t be able to maintain […]

Branding Insights

Best Buy and the Great Amazon Tax Subsidy

8 May , 2012  

Best Buy is certainly struggling.  The company’s stock was above $50 per share back in 2007.  Today it is trading at about $20. The company is closing stores and analysts are skeptical about the future. The company has a number of issues to address but I suspect the most important issue is what I call the […]

Defending Your Brand

Marketing Strategy Review: Nespresso

4 May , 2012  

Earlier this week Nespresso announced that it was investing in its first national television campaign in the United States. This is big news. Nespresso, of course, is Nestle’s remarkable growth engine, a highly profitable business with 2011 sales of over $3 billion, growing about 20 percent per year. The national television advertising is a big […]

Career Advice

Some Marketing Insight from Kellaway

1 May , 2012  

Lucy Kellaway, columnist at the Financial Times, had a terrific column in yesterday’s paper. The article has some important insights about marketing and influencing. It is also highly entertaining. I recommend you read the article. Here is the link: ***** I’ve heard from a number of people that they’d like me to do more frequent blog updates, so I’m now planning […]