Branding Insights

Apple and the Power of Differentiation

28 Mar , 2012  

You can learn a lot about marketing strategy by studying Apple. Perhaps the most important point is this: be different. The folks at Apple clearly understand the power of differentiation. They are masters at both creating it and destroying it. Apple does a phenomenal job creating products and services that are unique and special. The […]

Defending Your Brand

The Mondelez Challenge

21 Mar , 2012  

Kraft today announced that it will call its new snacks company Mondelez International. Later this year Kraft Foods will split into two companies, a grocery business and a snacks business. The grocery business will retain the Kraft brand name, which makes perfect sense because many of the grocery products actually use the Kraft name: Kraft salad dressing, […]

Defending Your Brand

Coors Light Iced Tea

9 Mar , 2012  

This week the Chicago Tribune reported that Molson Coors will be introducing a number of new products including Coors Light Iced Tea. You can read the article here:,0,3634860.story The goal is to build sales through innovation so that the company doesn’t have to rely so heavily on cost reduction projects to drive profit growth. […]