Defending Your Brand

Learning from the Pepsi Refresh Project

30 Jun , 2011  

Last year executives at PepsiCo made a rather bold move: they would spend less money promoting the Pepsi brand through advertising and invest instead in helping communities. To bring the idea to life, they created the Pepsi Refresh Project, inviting consumers to submit applications and vote for the most promising ideas. Pepsi then funded the […]

Defending Your Brand

Update: Improving the Chicago Tribune

22 Jun , 2011  

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about the Chicago Tribune’s new strategy. At the time, it appeared that the newspaper would be introducing a new premium edition of its daily paper. I thought this seemed like a rather complex strategy and one not likely to succeed. It turns out that the Chicago Tribune is […]

Defending Your Brand

Yoplait’s Smart Decision

16 Jun , 2011  

Today executives at General Mills announced they were pulling its latest ad for Yoplait.  The ad features a slim woman debating eating a piece of cheesecake. She tries to rationalize the decision, eventually going for a yogurt after another woman makes that choice. You can see the ad here: A number of consumers complained […]

Brands in the News

The Chicago Tribune’s Premium-Edition Strategy

6 Jun , 2011  

Today the Chicago Tribune announced that it would be introducing a premium edition of its home delivery newspaper. According to Crain’s, the Tribune will apparently now be available in two versions: the standard home delivery paper and a premium home delivery version with expanded content and features. The new version will be more expensive. You […]