Defending Your Brand

Oprah’s Branding Challenge

25 May , 2011  

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s most gifted brand builders; over the years she has demonstrated her ability to create and build a truly remarkable brand. But she now faces a rather big challenge: evolving her brand. Today Oprah signed off, ending her run as a daytime talk show host. In branding terms, she just […]

Brands in the News

Nokia Cuts Ovi

16 May , 2011  

Today Nokia announced that it was dropping the Ovi brand, replacing it with Nokia. My opinion: the move makes sense but it doesn’t solve Nokia’s core branding challenge. Nokia created the Ovi brand for its software products and services. On the Ovi website you can find software for mapping, email, games and music. The concept […]

Defending Your Brand

The Royal Wedding and Branding

1 May , 2011  

The marriage of Kate and William was a joyous event but also an incredible bit of brand building. It all looked effortless and natural, but of course it wasn’t. I am quite confident the entire affair was carefully constructed with an eye on the brand. The organizers deserve an enormous amount of credit; it is hard […]