Defending Your Brand

Ford Gets it Right

27 Jan , 2011  

Every once in a while you see a piece of advertising that just works. The commercial grabs your attention and delivers a message. It all looks easy. Ford’s new truck campaign is a great example of this. The spots do everything a piece of advertising needs to do. First, the campaign has enormous breakthrough; the […]

Career Advice

Lessons from Losing a House

21 Jan , 2011  

Over the past few weeks, my wife and I have been bidding on a rather nifty house in Chicago.  We finally reached an agreement with the sellers but at the last instant another buyer showed up with a significantly higher offer and got the house. This was a huge disappointment for me. When I look back on how […]

Defending Your Brand

Stretching the Prius Brand

10 Jan , 2011  

Toyota announced today that it was launching a family of cars under the Prius brand name.  The company will add a new larger hybrid, the Prius v (a mini-SUV) and the very small Prius-C.  Toyota will also add the Prius PHV, a plug-in variety. You can read about the full line here: Is this a good idea?  […]

Defending Your Brand

Clorox Stumbles with Burt’s Bees

3 Jan , 2011  

Clorox released second quarter earnings guidance today and the results were not good.  Clorox also announced that it was taking a goodwill impairment charge of about $250 million due to the Burt’s Bees acquisition. The Clorox press release quoted CFO Dan Heinrich stating, “The Burt’s Bees business remains a very solid contributor to Clorox’s results, with […]