Ford Gets it Right

27 Jan , 2011  

Every once in a while you see a piece of advertising that just works. The commercial grabs your attention and delivers a message. It all looks easy.

Ford’s new truck campaign is a great example of this. The spots do everything a piece of advertising needs to do. First, the campaign has enormous breakthrough; the visuals are sharp and unique. Second, there is a clear message: each commercial explains precisely why you should buy a Ford truck. Third, the branding is very stong; the Ford brand comes through.

You can watch one of the spots here:

Importantly, the commercials reinforce the Ford truck equity. The tonality is strong, powerful and tough.

If Ford can continue creating solid advertising like this, the company’s rebound should continue for many years.

2 Responses

  1. These are strong and polished ads but I don’t think the brand came through that well. With the exception of mentioning Ford and the odd flash of the logo the ads could have been for any car manufacturer.

    Establishing a connection with the brand is a common failure with advertising agencies as they tend to look at a campaign as a singular project and don’t always consider the full communications strategy for companies.

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