Defending Your Brand

Apple’s Incredible Results

28 Jul , 2010  

Yesterday while preparing for a class I read through Apple’s third quarter 2010 results.  I was simply astonished.  Three points of note: 1. The overall financial results are impressive indeed. Apple’s revenues were a record $15.7 billion in the latest quarter, up +61.4% versus year ago.  Profits were $3.25 billion, up +77.6% versus year ago.  […]

Defending Your Brand

Something Different from Apple

20 Jul , 2010  

The press conference on Friday was an all too familiar scene: a somewhat grumpy CEO making a reluctant apology, noting that the press has blown things way out of proportion and complaining that the company isn’t being treated fairly, since everyone in the industry has similar problems. The company was:  BP?  Goldman Sachs?  Toyota?  Nope. […]

Defending Your Brand

Learning from Playboy

12 Jul , 2010  

Playboy is in the news today, but not because this month’s edition includes a particularly risqué photo spread.  The news today: Hugh Hefner has offered to buy the company’s outstanding shares and take it private. The surprising thing in the deal is the price.  Hefner’s bid values Playboy at just $185 million.  This is not […]