Defending Your Brand

The Amazing Lululemon

27 Apr , 2012  

Every once in a while a remarkable brand appears on the scene, one that stands out in the cluttered world we live in. Lululemon is one of those brands. Chip Wilson founded Lululemon in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. Apparently Chip tried yoga and loved the experience but he couldn’t find good yoga apparel. So he […]

Defending Your Brand

Sony’s Branding Problem

15 Apr , 2012  

Today’s New York Times has a fascinating article about the decline of Sony. It really is shocking how far the company has fallen. Sony hasn’t made a profit since 2008. According to the article, the company is now worth one ninth of Samsung and one thirtieth of Apple. You can read the article here: […]

Defending Your Brand

Corning’s Gorilla Glass Campaign: Good Thought, Weak Execution

10 Apr , 2012  

Corning is running a rather striking campaign for Gorilla Glass, its high-tech materials for mobile devices and televisions. The latest ad features a large gorilla and a big number two.   Does it work? Well, the thought is right. Corning is trying building a brand around its unique glass. This makes a lot of sense. […]

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Pepsi’s Upbeat Spin

6 Apr , 2012  

What do you say in your annual letter when you’re running a company that has delivered disappointing returns for investors and is getting clobbered by competitors? If you are Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, you talk about all the positives. According to her just published annual letter, things are going quite well at Pepsi. She […]