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A Risky Move by Netflix

19 Sep , 2011  

Netflix today announced that it was splitting the company into two business units operating under two different brand names. The internet video streaming business will retain the Netflix name. The traditional DVD business will now be called Qwikster. You can read the email CEO Reed Hastings sent to current Netflix customers at the end of this post. This […]

Crisis Management

State Farm’s 9/11 Tribute

12 Sep , 2011  

Yesterday was a difficult day for marketing executives: what is the appropriate way to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks? Most advertisers wisely decided to ignore the event. State Farm, however, invested heavily in a 9/11 spot and stood out as perhaps the most prominent advertiser of the day. State Farm certainly invested. […]

Crisis Management

HP’s Valuable Lesson

1 Sep , 2011  

When it comes to marketing strategy, there are three critical steps. The first step is developing a powerful strategy. The third step is executing well. The second step, however, is sometimes overlooked: selling the plan. HP CEO Leo Apotheker recently demonstrated why selling the plan is so important. On August 18, HP announced that it […]