Defending Your Brand

Gap’s Odd Groupon Offer

24 Aug , 2010  

The big marketing story last week was that the Gap offered a hot deal on Groupon and a remarkable 441,000 people took it.  At one point Groupon was apparently selling more than 500 of the deals per minute. Groupon is an on-line promotion site.  It is free to sign up and everyday Groupon sends out […]

Career Advice

Learning from a 4-H Market Pig Auction

17 Aug , 2010  

You can learn a lot about marketing at a 4-H market pig auction. Last week I went to the Northwest Michigan Fair, a charming, old-time county fair, complete with the corn dogs, snow cones and “The World’s Biggest Alligator.”  My kids and I had a grand time inspecting farm animals and studying the newest Massey […]

Defending Your Brand

The Uneven Recovery and P&G’s Branding Challenge

5 Aug , 2010  

Procter & Gamble announced somewhat disappointing earning this week.  While fourth quarter revenue grew by +4.7% to $18.9 billion, profit fell from $2.5 billion to $2.2 billion, a decline of -11.3%.  The company’s stock fell by over $2 per share due to the news. P&G executives explained that the weak results were due to an […]