Defending Your Brand

bookDefendingYourBrandWe live in a world of intense competition; companies face threats from all parts of the globe. The more profitable your business, the greater the chance you will soon encounter a new competitor.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a plumbing business, promoting a brand of deodorant, operating a neighborhood café, or leading a small charitable organization or church. Anyone responsible for managing an enterprise has to think about defense, because the world is full of competition, and with the rise of globalization, competition is only going to increase in the years ahead.

This book will help you fight back.

In Defending Your Brand, Tim Calkins reviews why defensive strategy is so important and explains how a company can meet a competitive threat with a strong and effective defense plan.

This book is also useful for innovators, because it provides insight into what the established players are likely to do when you launch your venture. Before introducing a new product, it is important to think about how the existing players will respond and then revise your launch plan accordingly.

Defending Your Brand provides frameworks to help readers build a strategic defensive strategy that protects profits, preserves market share, and perhaps even help brands thrive under the pressure of competitive attacks.

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Some comments about the book:

“It’s a brutally competitive world out there. Tim Calkins outlines the weapons and strategies available to defend against the big guys, while exploring how and when to defend against a guerilla insurgency. Wear a flak jacket.”

Andy England
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

“In over 25 years leading business and brand strategy, I haven’t come across a more practical and compelling case for investing in defensive strategy. Tim’s analytical approach is grounded in business theory, but perhaps more importantly, application in the real world. Regardless of your industry or budget, you will benefit from this work. ”

Brad Cumings
Chief Marketing Officer
TruGreen and Terminix

“A well thought-out and articulated defense plan is not reactive, but rather a proactive strategy to protecting your business. Tim’s principles and practices are for those exceptional managers who have both the courage and discipline to deliver against the non-negotiable of defending their brand . . . no matter what.”

Richard H. Lenny
Former Chairman & CEO
The Hershey Company

“Tim Calkins’ excellent new book is a wake-up call to the fact that most companies are not smart about how to defend their company, brand or product. All your growth planning is worthless if you haven’t figured out how to defend your business.”

Philip Kotler
S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing
Kellogg School of Management

“In this bracing and valuable guide to defensive brand strategy, Calkins makes a compelling argument for why any organisation must remain vigilant in the face of competitive market pressures.”

Dipak C. Jain

“Calkins has written a valuable management reference, illuminating the usually hidden but critical arts of effective defense. This worthy guide, brought to life with robust case examples, warrants reading by every manager who wants to succeed amidst the disruptive competitive forces of our capitalist system.”

M. Carl Johnson III
Executive Vice President, Brands
Del Monte Foods

“A must read for marketers, Calkins’ book offers strategic and tactical wisdom on how to deal with ever-increasing competition. While we all tend to concentrate on offense (increased sales and market share) ‘Defending Your Brand’ focuses on an equally important but often overlooked marketing aspect, defense (defending your brand and protecting market share). I’m buying a copy for each member of my staff.”

Rob Gallas
Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Museum of Science and Industry