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Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review: 2013 Results

4 Feb 2013  

It is clear that advertisers know everyone is watching the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVII featured ads that were broadly appealing, safe, and focused on delivering a brand message. The tradeoff, of course, is that it is hard to be distinctive and safe at the same time. This year we saw a lot of ads […]

Super Bowl

Six Brands to Watch on the Super Bowl

1 Feb 2013  

There is a lot to see on Sunday’s Super Bowl: more than 50 commercials, each one costing well over $3 million and a big half time show featuring Beyonce. Oh yes, and there will be a football game. With all this advertising excitement it is easy to forget that part. Every commercial provides an interesting […]

Super Bowl

CareerBuilder Takes a Pass

23 Jan 2013  

One of the advertisers I’ll miss seeing on the Super Bowl this year is CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder first advertised on the game back in 2005. The brand was quite new at the time; dominated the space and CareerBuilder was a much smaller challenger. CareerBuilder ran a charming commercial featuring the now iconic chimps. The Kellogg […]

Super Bowl

Launching the Gildan Brand

17 Jan 2013  

The Super Bowl is a great place to launch a new brand; the event’s huge viewership provides a platform for introducing a new product to a significant portion of people in the United States. Brands like Monster, CareerBuilder and Go Daddy used the Super Bowl effectively during their launch. One of this year’s new brands, and […]

Super Bowl

The Ad That Changed the Game

10 Jan 2013  

Every once in a while an advertiser tries something new on the Super Bowl and fundamentally changes the marketing game. Apple’s Super Bowl spot “1984” falls into this group, as does the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl program. It is becoming clear that Chrysler’s 2011 spot featuring Eminem should join this group. Chrysler broke a […]

Super Bowl

Gearing Up for the 2013 Super Bowl

7 Jan 2013  

Super Bowl XLVII, marketing’s biggest event, is less than one month away. This year Kellogg Professor Derek Rucker and I will once again be leading the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review; we will assemble a panel of Kellogg students and evaluate all the advertisers, awarding grades of A, B, C, D and, on occasion, […]

Super Bowl

GM’s Odd Super Bowl Decision

24 May 2012  

General Motors announced last week that it will not buy any spots for the 2013 Super Bowl. This is a fairly surprising decision because this year  General Motors made a huge investment in the Super Bowl; GM ran four spots, including three for Chevrolet and one for Cadillac. The company also spent an enormous amount […]

Super Bowl

2012 Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review

7 Feb 2012  

That was quite a Super Bowl!  The Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review results are in.  You can see my thoughts on the ads here:

Defensive Strategy, Super Bowl

Dannon Fights Back

3 Feb 2012  

Dannon will debut its first Super Bowl ad on Sunday, promoting its Oikos brand of Greek yogurt. The move seems a little debatable on the surface. Oikos is a small brand, with nothing close to the size or reach of big Super Bowl advertisers such as Budweiser, Toyota or Samsung. Other small food brands have […]

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Advertising Review

7 Feb 2011  

I posted my thoughts on the 2011  Super Bowl ads on the Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review blog.  You can see the post here:

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Preview

3 Feb 2011  

We are just days away from the biggest advertising event of the year, the Super Bowl. The advertising circus is already well underway, as brands try to get their message out ahead of the game. Still, the big event is the game itself. Going into the game there are several advertisers to focus on. Chevrolet:  […]

Super Bowl

The $200 Super Bowl Ad

11 Feb 2010  

Stuart Elliott, from The New York Times, wrote in an article earlier this week that the cost to produce one of the Doritos spots that ran on the Super Bowl was less than $200. $200. That is an astonishing figure. I spent many years at Kraft managing brands such as Miracle Whip and Taco Bell.  […]