Tiger’s Very Small Step

22 Feb , 2010  

Tiger Woods took a step toward rebuilding his brand on Friday, but it was a small step indeed.

His statement on Friday was most notable for what was absent, including most of the press, questions and a timetable for his return to golf. And, of course, Tiger’s usual confidence and poise.

I think the only conclusion one can draw from the odd event is that the issues facing Tiger are big, perhaps much bigger than has been revealed to date.

At some point Tiger will have to answer questions about his actions. The fact that this didn’t happen on Friday is surprising.

The best way for Tiger to rebuild his brand is to apologize, answer questions honestly and directly, and then get back to playing golf. He clearly did the first of these three things on Friday.

It was a start, but just that.

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  1. In short, he should focus on things he’s good at, rather than things he isn’t too well known for?

  2. Tim Calkins says:

    Sambhav–My advice for Tiger is quite simple. First, he should answer questions about the situation, either in a public newsconference or with a well regarded talk show host. Second, he should quickly get back to golf. Third, of course, he should stay out of trouble.

    To revive his brand Tiger needs to quickly shift the focus from his marital issues to his golf game.


  3. Dear sir
    How do you think he should proceed now?

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