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Apple Advertising Rolls On

24 Sep , 2009  

Never underestimate the power of a simple, compelling idea.

More than three years ago Apple rolled out a series of ads featuring the Apple and PC characters.  The initial spots were terrific.  They grabbed your attention and communicated a benefit.  Perhaps more importantly, there was no confusion about who the ads were for: Apple.

Since that time Apple has stuck with formula, running a number of different spots that maintain the look and feel of the campaign while delivering new reasons to love Apple.

The latest spot, featuring a personal trainer helping PC bounce back from a rough quarter, sticks to the script.  It is once again clear, entertaining and direct.  It slams PC and promotes Apple, but in such a nice way that it doesn’t seem mean spirited or self promoting.  This is quite an accomplishment. 

All too often marketers give up on powerful ideas far too soon.  Sometimes this is due to a valid concern about wear out.  Frequently, however, it is because someone simply wanted to make a change, have an impact and do something different. 

Apple is wisely sticking with a campaign that has worked tremendously well and shows no indication of wearing out anytime soon.

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