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Four Scary Spots

30 Oct , 2014  

It is Halloween, a day for frights and spooky scenes. So here are four exceptionally scary ads to consider. Dale Carnegie This is truly a frightening ad. The setting is all too familiar: someone with a gun and a mask. While the setting is a bank robbery, it feels like a school shooting. This is any […]

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Irrational Optimism and CMOs

18 Aug , 2014  

The Chief Marketing Officer Council is out today with the results of its annual survey of marketing leaders. I was struck by two figures: – 81% of marketing leaders believe that share growth is likely and attainable this year. – 10% of CMOs are worried about their jobs. These figures suggest that marketing executives are an […]

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The Power of Brand Partnerships: EBay, Sotheby’s, Pizza Hut and Hershey’s

14 Jul , 2014  

Four big brands are in the news today with new partnerships. EBay is teaming up with Sotheby’s to sell art online. The two companies will sell eighteen different types of items with internet bidding. Pizza Hut is working with Hershey’s to build its dessert business. The pizza giant announced today that it will start selling the […]

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Does Twitter Build a Brand?

18 Jun , 2014  

Many branding executives ask me about Twitter. Is it an important branding tool? Is it worth the effort to have a Twitter presence and monitor the discussion? I’ve been a bit skeptical of Twitter for many years. It feels a bit promotional and fleeting. Does anyone really use it? Can it really help brands? I now […]

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Kraft’s Disappointing Annual Report

14 Apr , 2014  

It is annual report season, the time of year when companies send out proxy information and annual reports to investors. I own a few shares in several companies so my mailbox fills up with these documents. It is interesting to see what the firms choose to send. An annual report is an important branding tool. […]

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Brands, Baseball and Missing the Call

2 Apr , 2014  

Brayden King, one of my colleagues at Kellogg, is in the news this week with a new study about baseball. It is a fascinating bit of research and highlights why brands matter so much. King worked with Jerry Kim from Columbia Business School on the study. They looked at umpire accuracy, comparing the umpire’s call […]

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Volvo, Van Damme and the Future of Marketing

27 Nov , 2013  

The world of marketing is changing. Traditional media vehicles are losing effectiveness as people communicate in new and different ways. Mass audiences are fragmenting into small segments. Developing a point of difference is harder than ever. Many business leaders are uncertain about the future. What will great marketing look like in the years ahead? Volvo’s […]

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India: Six Surprising Things

12 Nov , 2013  

I am just back from a three-day trip to India; I was in Kolkata to speak at the 2013 Brand Conclave. It was a terrific event. Here are a few things that surprised me: – Low income consumers in India generally buy the most expensive cement. I had an interesting conversation with a marketing executive from one […]

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Geico, Airshows and Positioning

18 Aug , 2013  

The Chicago Air and Water Show is going on today. The weather is perfect with clear skies and bright sunshine. The U.S. military is absent this year, since the government decided to cut funding for air shows as part of the sequester negotiations. Government leaders promised the world would end if the cuts took place. […]

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Angelina Jolie’s Smart Decision

16 May , 2013  

This week Angelina Jolie announced that she had preventative mastectomy surgery to reduce her risk of breast cancer. People are debating her decision to have the surgery. Most seem be fully supporting the move. She clearly made a smart decision in announcing it as she did; Angelina Jolie dramatically enhanced her personal brand. By proactively […]